Coding Education Unit


Coding Education Unit is the unit under the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC); it aims to nurture youth’s competence, character, confidence, connection and caring for a healthy and productive life through coding education.

The Unit organizes courses and activities for students in EdUHK and local schools to learn coding skills, App development, design and production of artifacts with 3D printing. Through learning the programming language such as Java and Swift, it provides opportunities to enhance students’ skill building, personal recognition, community involvement, and positive connections with adults. Those are important elements to lead to positivity in youth development, which are the process of developing teenagers to be well prepared and productive for challenges in everyday life.

Our Objectives

1. Provide caring people and a safe place for youth to develop competence and positive attitude through the sense of achievement in acquiring coding skills for Apps development;
2. Organize activities to provide youth with community service opportunities through connecting schools in Hong Kong to promote caring through coding skills and programming literacy programmes in local schools, students are able to build up confidence in these connections;
3. Deliver Apps developed in this unit to support student learning at pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Developing Coding Competency among Learners in EdUHK

Summer Course 2017

Developing Coding Competency and Computational Thinking among Learners in EdUHK with Interest in Mathematics Education

Summer Course 2017

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