Message from President Stephen Y. L. Cheung

With the advancements and wide adoption of digital technology in all walks of life in recent decades, there have been significant changes to jobs and daily activities. There is an urgent need for students to develop not only their skills to use digital tools in their daily work but also a fundamental understanding of the underlying principles of digital technology. Coding education for computational thinking development is vital for students to gain this understanding. Computational thinking competency is important for its integration with students’ specialized knowledge, which could enhance innovative ideas and outcomes. For this reason, computational thinking skill is regarded as an indispensable skill that should be possessed by everyone in the twenty-first century.

In view of the growing importance and prevailing trend of providing coding education for computational thinking development in the globe, the Coding Education Unit was established in July 2015 in the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology of the University, aiming to provide a learning environment for students to acquire the knowledge of coding as well as the computational thinking skill through Apps development, and eventually to disseminate the technology to the community.

As the advisor of the Unit, I wish the Unit every success in leading the development of computational thinking through coding education for the long-term benefit of our society.


Professor Stephen Y. L. Cheung
The Education University of Hong Kong



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