3D Printing Workshops for Alumni: “Home Coming Day” and “STEM 同樂日”

To disseminate the technology of 3D printing to our stakeholders and the wider community, three workshops on 3D printing were conducted successfully for alumni visitors.


Content of Workshops

Workshop: Introduction to 3D Printing (1 hour)

In this 1-hour workshop, participants learnt about the history, development and applications of 3D printing and get some hands-on experience of 3D printing. They would also make use of some online 3D design and printing apps and platforms, e.g. Tinkercad and Thingiverse, etc., to create and produce their own products, such as key rings and name tags.


Photo Highlights

3D Printing Workshops for STEM 同樂日” (14 January 2017)

Video sharing: https://www.facebook.com/EdUHKAlumni/videos/812876875533721/



3D Printing Workshops for “Home Coming Day 2016” (22 October 2016)









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