Workshop on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years assure that it will have revolutionary impacts on many industries in the coming years. As the development of AI surges, the capability of automation in all sorts of areas kept expanding. As artificial intelligence gain its momentum rapidly in the recent years, most people in the society are not familiar with the technology, which may incite fear among the society.

To address this issue, the Coding Education Unit of LTTC offers introductory workshops to promote AI literacy to students aiming to trigger their curiosity in AI as well as its development and application. Students who are interested in AI and STEM education are welcome to participate in the workshops. Participants who completed the workshops will be qualified to attain a Certificate of Completion.



Students are expected to display their final products at LTTC’s laboratories and/or post related photos on LTTC website for knowledge transfer and project showcase.

Students who completed the Workshop may have the opportunities to join a team to build your own robots.

Workshop Topic: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Tutor: LTTC staff
Duration: 2 hours for each workshop
Date: 9 October 2018 (Tue)
Time: 15:00-17:00
Venue: Computer and 3D Printing Room (E-P-12) (Preview)
Quota: 40 students
Enrollment Link:
Content As the objective of the workshop is to populate the fundamentals of concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the workshop will cover three parts:

  1. Demonstrate interactive AI applications
  2. Introduce the relevant fundamental concepts
  3. Let students design simple AI algorithms without coding


The workshop will allow students to have hands-on experiences with the examples and participate in developing AI algorithms and applications without coding. However, experiences and practices of coding is essential for understanding AI and its applications.





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