Seminar on Mathematical Concept Development for Secondary School Students through E-Learning cum Launching Ceremony of Cornerstone Maths

To give teachers a wider perspective on e-Learning, a Seminar on Mathematical Concept Development for Secondary School Students through E-Learning will be organised on 2 November 2018 (Friday) afternoon at the The Education University of Hong Kong, in which Dr Phil Vahey from SRI International will deliver a speech titled “5 Key Elements to High Quality E-Learning” and share his experience with e-Learning in mathematics and provide insights on what makes e-Learning effective.

During the Seminar you can also know more about the e-Learning platform and resources of Cornerstone Maths which was developed by SRI International together with the University College London (UCL Knowledge Lab). We believe that the Seminar can serve as a platform for us to share innovative ideas and good practices on e-Learning.


Speech Title: 5 Key Elements to High Quality E-Learning


E-Learning is becoming an important part of students’ educational experience. But how can we ensure that E-Learning leads to better education for students? Providing a better education requires that we do more than put traditional textbooks online or provide students with video lectures. E-Learning has the opportunity to dramatically change how we teach, so that more students can learn more content more deeply. To take advantage of this opportunity we must be critical of E-Learning environments, and understand what makes E-Learning effective. In this talk I will describe the five elements to look for when deciding what will make an effective E-Learning environment.


About the Speaker

Phil Vahey, Ph.D. is Director of Strategic Research and Innovation for SRI Education. His research examines the design and use of technology-based systems that enhance the learning of conceptually difficult STEM concepts, as well as how to scale up the use of these systems. His research has focused on the use of computer-based dynamic representations for making foundational concepts in mathematics accessible to a diverse middle school student population, and the use of media and games for making ideas in Math, Science, and Computational Thinking more accessible for preschool children. Vahey leads the Cornerstone and SunBay Digital Mathematics Projects, the Ready to Learn evaluation, and is the SRI lead on the Next Generation Preschool Math and Science projects.

If you are interested to join, please register by ONE of the following ways.

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Important Note:

  • Two hours of Teacher CPD in the category of Teaching and Learning will be recorded if registered through EDB Training Calendar (Course ID: EI0020180300).
  • No parking space will be provided. Free shuttle bus service will be available on 2 November 2018. Departure time from University Station Exit B is 2:00 pm while departure time from EdUHK campus is 5:00 pm.



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Acknowledgement: Cornerstone Maths was originally conceived following a charitable donation from the Li Ka Shing Foundation and Hutchison Whampoa Europe Limited. It was introduced into 124 UK schools under a successful partnership between SRI International and the London Knowledge Lab.




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