Teaching Development Grant (TDG) Project Sharing Seminar (2), 4 Mar 2019

Teaching Development Grant (TDG) Project Sharing Seminar (2)
Date 4 Mar 2019 (Monday)
Time 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Venue B1-LP-03, Tai Po Campus
Abstract and speakers

Presentation 1

Using Video Annotation Tool (VAT) to Enhance Students’ Reflective Practices and Communication Competence through a Collaborative Learning Community
Reflective thinking and communication skills are fundamental competence of teaching and helping professional. There is a long history in using video recording of learners’ practices to promote their reflective practice and communication competence. In the TDG project, course lecturers used Video Annotation Tool(VAT), an embedded software in Video-Based Learning Community (VBLC) developed by EdUHK, to facilitate learners’ reflective practices and communication competence in parents’ consultation and life coaching. In the presentation, speakers will illustrate how learners using VAT for video analysis and give/receive feedback in an online peer learning environment. The effectiveness of using VAT for promoting reflective practice and communication competence and future applications of VAT in reflective learning and skill practice in teacher education programme will be discussed.

Speakers: Dr. SHEK Mei Po Mabel and Dr. LEUNG Kim Chau Charles
Dr. Shek is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Special Education and Counselling, Director of School Partnership and Field Experience. Her research focus is in school guidance and counselling, career guidance, professional identity and culture, reflective learning and blended learning.
Dr. Leung is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Special Education and Counselling. His research area includes self-concept, peer support, peer assisted intervention and meta-analysis. He has been serving as ad hoc reviewers for several highly prestigious journals including Teaching and Teacher Education and British Journal of Educational Psychology.


Presentation 2

Pedagogical and Professional Learning in Case-based Approach to Blending Learning
This presentation is based on a faculty-level TDG project aiming to (a) explore and examine innovative blended learning (BL) pedagogies that effectively integrate case-based learning to enhance student engagement and learning of pre-service teachers, as well as (b) build professional capacity of BL in higher education settings. Research on BL focuses mostly on student learning, having limited understanding of pedagogical practices for professional development. The presentation is intended to fill this gap by sharing new knowledge related to pedagogical and professional learning from the above-mentioned project.

Speakers: Dr. LEE Tai Hoi Theodore and Dr. YUEN Wai Kwan Gail
Dr. LEE Tai Hoi Theodore and Dr. YUEN Wai Kwan Gail work in the Department of Education Policy and Leadership. Both have collaborated on a number of projects to develop contextualized case materials to facilitate conceptual understanding among pre-service teachers and investigate the use of case materials along with pedagogically sound BL strategies. Both are interested in finding out the pedagogical value beyond the usual technological orientation of BL.

Language Presentation 1: English
Presentation 2: Cantonese


Participation in this workshop can be counted towards the Certificate Course “Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education” under the theme, “Seminars/Workshops in Learning and Teaching”.

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