Sharing of UGC Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals (2016-19 Triennium)

The following photos captured the activities of Parallel Session of the Conference.


City University of Hong Kong

Transforming Science and Engineering Talents into Technopreneurs: Hong Kong as a Technology Dragon by Dr Derek HO Enhancing University Students’ Well-being and Positive Learning Experiences – Application of Positive Education by Dr KWOK LAI Yuk Ching Sylvia

Hong Kong Baptist University

Observing, Mentoring and Co-working in a Community of Practice: The Three-pronged Approach to Initial Teacher Preparation by Dr CHAN Hang
Developing Multidisciplinary and Multicultural Competences through Gamification and Challenge-based Collaborative Learning (CCGame Project): Progress in 2018/19 by Dr Isaac CHAN and Mr Martin Lau
Experiential Learning of Digital Media Initiatives for Audience Engagement and Measurement by Prof CHAN K W Kara Enhancing Orthopedics Curricula in Chinese Medicine Education by Bringing Theory to Practice by Mr CHEUNG Chun Hoi
Standardising Clinical Education Assessment of Chinese Medicine through the Internationalisation of a Practicum Internship Program by Dr CHUA Ka Kit Tony Pedagogical Framework for Promoting Transformative Learning and Innovative Thinking in Student Internship by Dr Lucia FUNG
Enhancement of Student Learning through Mobile Apps in Analytical Sciences by Dr HO Koon Sing Academic Integrity Targeted: A Positive Approach and Engaging Materials in TIE-HUM by Dr LEE W S Amy
An Innovative Platform for Objects Based Science and Arts Learning with a Collaborative Incubator for Future Educational Teaching Resources by Dr NG S W Sarah and Mr Parry LING

Lingnan University

Evaluating Service-learning Impacts on University Students’ Developmental Outcomes through a Mixed Method Comparison Study by Prof Robin Stanley SNELL and Mr CHAN Wing Fung Chad

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Using KEEP to Support Innovative Learning and Teaching by Prof KING Kuo Chin Irwin Learning Science Ubiquitously with a Smartphone – From Classroom to Everyday Life by Dr MAK Kin Wah Kendrew

The Education University of Hong Kong

The ‘U-STEMist Scheme – A Joint University Teaching & Learning Project’ by Dr LEE Yeung Chung Collaborative Approach in Enhancing the Professional Competency in Catering for Diversities among Pre-service Teachers by Prof SIN Kuen Fung

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Enhancing Learning Outcomes for Students through a Data-driven Review of the 4-year Curriculum in UGC Funded Programs by Dr Christine ARMATAS and Dr Christine SPRATT
Developing a Mobile App on English for Final Year Project: What Have We Learnt So Far? by Dr Julia CHEN and Dr Valerie YAP
Challenges in Developing an Online Credit Transfer Information Platform for Potential Senior Year Admitted Students by Dr Kin CHEUNG Integration of Local and Non-local Students for the Enhancement of Internationalisation by Dr CHONG Kit Yee
Using Web-based Backchannels to Increase the Efficacy of the Basic Question and Answer Active Pedagogy in an Asian Tertiary Institution by Dr TING Sze Thou Fridolin Augmenting Physical Learning Spaces with Location-based Services Using iBeacon Technology for Engaging Learning Experiences by Dr WONG Man Sing
Developing Reflective / Reflexive Practice through the F.O.C.U.S.E.D. App: The Case of Student Internships and during University Coursework by Ms ZHU Rongjiao July

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Makers and Maker Culture by Dr CHAN Y B Ben
Developing Digital Resources to Support the Learning and Use of Technical Vocabulary by Dr WU Kam Yin and Ms Irene NG

The University of Hong Kong

Driving Cultural and Educational Shift from Focusing on Academic Knowledge to Holistic Competencies by Dr CHAN Ka Yuk Cecilia Exploring the Alignment of Residential Education and University Educational Aims through a Three Year International Research Project by Dr CHU Kai Wah Samuel
Training Virtual Pioneers in Higher Education by Dr K. Brant KNUTZEN HKCPD Hub: Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development Hub for University English Teachers by Dr WONG L C Lillian




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