Fly your mini-drone

Mini-drone is the ease-of-use technology for photo-taking, video shooting and coding. To help users get familiar with the use of mini-drone, LTTC provides a 1.5-hour introductory workshop. In this workshop, participants will have hands-on practice in flying the mini-drone and design their flight route by the app “DroneBlocks”.


Workshop content:

  1. Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
  2. Safety Tips, Guidance and Ordinances for Operating UAS in Hong Kong
  3. Tello Mini-drone
  4. Test Flight
  5. Fly with “DroneBlocks”


Date Time Venue
23 September 2019 (Mon) 14:30-16:00 C-1/F-01F     (Full!)
3 October 2019 (Thu) 10:00-11:30 C-1/F-01F     (Full!)
04 November 2019 (Mon) 14:30-16:00 C-1/F-01F
08 November 2019 (Fri) 10:00-11:30 C-1/F-01F
19 November 2019 (Tue) 14:30-16:00 C-1/F-01F     (Full!)

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese with English terms


Online enrolment:




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