Virtual Reality (VR) Workshop: Creating an Interactable Scene with TinkerCad and Unity


The workshop introduces the idea of creating a VR App with some 3D objects. Making a VR app can be a complex task that involves more than one toolset. TinkerCad is a free online platform for creating customized 3D objects and Unity is a game-making software. Both are easily accessible for personal and educational use. The workshop will guide the participants to create 3D objects on TinkerCad, to import the objects into a game scene with Unity, and further build a scene as a VR App on a VR headset (Oculus Go). The workshop is intended for newcomers who are interested in creating a simple VR App for quiz game. Background knowledge on coding is not a must but will be advantageous.

Duration: 3 hours

Quota: 12 students for each workshop


Date Venue Time
Class 1 27 February 2020 (Thursday) Canceled Computer and 3D Printing Room
Class 2 7 April 2020 (Tuesday) Computer and 3D Printing Room


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