Support for Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment

(Part A) Online Meetings/ Online Presentations/ Online Assessment/ Video Sharing

(1) For online meetings and presentations, we suggest the use of “Skype for Business” which is an official application of EdUHK. Staff can watch (or not watch and just hear) students in the app and share powerpoint or other files with all students in the app. Students can present with powerpoint or other files in this app to lecturers and other students.  The “Skype for Business” is a Microsoft product that can be used in Hong Kong and mainland China. It can be installed in Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android phones.  All staff and students of EdUHK can login “Skype for Business” as usual by using the same account name and password that we use for logging in our email system.

Alternatively, staff can use ZOOM as another option to meet their students online. Please go to OCIO page to follow the login and operational procedure.


Below please find the simplest step guide to start a meeting on Skype for Business” with your students.

(i) Ask the students to download and install “Skype for Business”, and login with EdUHK student account;
(ii) Teachers to Start a meeting on “Skype for Business” and copy the meeting Link from the “Show Meeting Info”;
(iii) Post the Link to Moodle “Course Announcement” so that the students of the specific course can join the meeting on “Skype for Business” by clicking the link;
(iv) Now meet with your students on “Skype for Business” and share the files (e.g. ppt, pdf) for teaching and learning. Students can also share their files for presentation.
(v) You are advised to play around this with your students before a formal online meeting.
(3) Below please find some information of “Skype for Business” for your reference.

Download and Install Skype for Business
For Windows PC: Microsoft Skype for Business Basic
For Mac: Skype for Business on Mac
For iOS: Skype for Business
For Android: Skype for Business for Android

Note: Students using “Skype for Business” app on mobile might see some error messages popping up after login, which might be annoying but they do not affect the functions.  If users want to remove these messages once and for all, they need to do some settings. For details, please refer to OCIO FAQ.

(4) The issue does not happen for PC or Mac users though.

Quick Login with Office 365
EdUHK students and staff can use Office 365 to login Skype for Business. For more information of the Office 365 account, please click the following OCIO’s webpages:
Microsoft Office 365 (For Students)
Microsoft Office 365 (For Staff)

User Guide:
For Windows PC: Microsoft Skype for Business Basic
For Mac: Skype for Business on Mac
For iOS: Skype for Business
For Android: Skype for Business for Android
For Window phone: Skype for Business

Should you have any enquiries, please contact LTTC colleagues:

Skype for Business:
Mr Wilson Cheng (ext. 7043 /,
Mr Philip Wai (ext. 8190 /,
Mr Bruce Liu (ext. 8342 /,
Mr Walker Yip (ext. 7051 /,
Ms Tina Ma (ext. 8032 /
LTTC Hotline (ext. 7047)


For online assessments, we suggest the use of Moodle Quiz and Turnitin Online Assessment. Below please find some information of using Moodle and Turnitin Online Assessment for your reference.

Moodle Quiz:

Creating multiple choice questions in Question bank
Creating an online Quiz paper
Adding questions to the Quiz paper
Creating essay question in Question bank
Grading the essay question

Moodle Assignment:

Creating an online text assignment submission link
Creating an assignment for file(s) submission
Creating an assignment for online text and file submission
Creating an assignment for group submission


Creating a Turnitin assignment
Adding an Inline Comment to Turnitin assignment
Adding Bubble Comment to Highlight Text
Creating a Grading Form
Attaching a Grading form to Turnitin assignment
Grading student’s assignment used by Grading form

Should you have any enquiries, please contact LTTC colleagues:

Mr Wilson Cheng (ext. 7043 /;
Mr Philip Wai (ext. 8190 /
LTTC Hotline (ext. 7047)


Video sharing via VBLC

Video Based Learning Community (VBLC) is a LTTC platform created for sharing of teaching and learning videos, and facilitating students’ discussion on topics related to specific objectives. Staff can access the VBLC platform with this link:

Simple steps on account creation, video upload and sharing are created below for your reference.

Account creation (pdf)
Video upload and sharing (pdf)
Should you have any enquiries, please contact LTTC colleagues:

Mr Walker Yip (ext. 7051 /
LTTC Hotline (ext. 7047)


Video Production

Lecture Capture Services
The Lecture Capture Services are supported in 5 Lecture Theatres, namely, C-LP-11, D1-LP-02, D1-LP-03, D1-LP-04, and D2-LP-05.
Staff could make request for the service by completing the “Classroom Service Request Form (F017)” available on ocio/forms. For details, please visit
Video Production Room (E-P-16)
Colleagues only need to bring a USB drive and their lecture materials, e.g. PowerPoint file, to the room for self-help video recording.
Colleagues can book the Video Production Room (E-P-16) via iBooking.
For details, please visit
Self-help video clip production using camcorders loaned by OCIO
Colleagues can borrow video camcorders and video tripods from OCIO IT Help Desk loan counter with their staff card to do the recording themselves. Over 100 camcorders are available for loan.
After recording, colleagues could upload the video clips in MP4 to the video portal at https://evideo.eduhk.hkto compress, encode and share the videos with students. For more information, please visit  and
Self-help video clip production using mobile device or laptop
Colleagues can videotape their lectures handily using their own mobile device or laptop.
A demo video is provided below for reference:

(Part B) Library’s Advice on Preparation of Online Reading Materials for Online Teaching

(1) Academic and Teaching colleagues are strongly suggested to use online resources already subscribed or purchased by the Library for course reading. These online resources, including e-books, e-journals and databases, can be remotely accessed by all EdUHK students.  The Library also provides streaming audios (e.g. Naxos Music Library) and videos (e.g. selected RTHK and TVB programs on EdVideo, Films on Demand) which can be accessed online by students.
(2) Alternatively, colleagues may use “Open Access” (OA) e-books and e-journals as course reading materials. Free online access is provided by publishers of these OA resources.
(3) If colleagues decided to use materials which are not available from online resources provided by the Library or other OA sources (e.g. in print form only or not subscribed by the Library), the Library could also provide the follow supports:

(a) For individual journal articles, we can contact their publishers for quotation of licence fee, if available, for individual classes. Licence fees will be paid by the requestors.
(b) For longer reading lists with no more than 30 journal articles and book chapters (not the whole book and subject to licence restrictions) not available from the Library or OA sources, colleagues are advised to make use of the Library’s Course Pack Production Service ( The University has made agreement with the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society (HKRRLS) on the production of scan course packs.  By paying licence fees to HKRRLS, the University is entitled to produce scan course packs for online access by students of individual courses.  The production process will be coordinated by Library.  Details of charging are as follows:

Charging Scheme of Scan Course Packs

License fee payable to HKRRLS:
HK$0.85 x total number of Course Users x number of pages of scan copies made of the Licensed Materials for the period 1 January to 31 December 2019
HK$0.90 x total number of Course Users x number of pages of scan copies made of the Licensed Materials for the period 1 January to 31 December 2020
Total number of Course Users shall include each and every one of the Course Users (including students, tutors, lecturers, supervisors or other persons teaching the course, and visiting academic teaching or auditing the course) irrespective of whether they will make access to the Course Pack
Any additional charges by HKRRLS
(ii) License fee payable to other licensing bodies or copyright owners not covered by HKRRLS
Administration fee payable to the Library if copyright clearance is required:
Any additional charges by HKRRLS
(c) To support online teaching during this difficult period, the Library will waive its administration fee of HK$10 per student as stipulated under (c) of the Charging Scheme. Requestors are required to pay all other fees payable to HKRRLS as well as other copyright owners and agencies.
(4) For enquiries on selection of online reading materials and other copyright related issues, please contact the Library Information Counter at 2948 6653.

(Part C) Multimedia Capturing

For uploading multimedia files to e-learning platform, please note the following guides:
Add narration to PowerPoint file as slideshow. The file could then be shared in your Moodle course.
Convert the PowerPoint slideshow to MP4 video format (if needed).  Video could be further edited by video editing software if needed.  OCIO Help Desk area has workstations with Adobe Premier video editing software for share use at Learning Commons.
Upload your videos and share them with your students through the EdUHK Video Portal like an enterprise YouTube.  Most of the notebook has USB camera built-in.  If you want to borrow professional camcorders,  they are available for loan from OCIO IT Help Desk counter.
Capture the lecture to video in selected lecture rooms in Tai Po.  
Real-time interactive class/discussion (please refer to the Skype for Business in (Part A) above)
Online assessment (eg moodle quiz, moodle assignment, please refer to (Part A) above)








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