Getting Ready for Online Learning with Zoom (for Student)

This workshop is designed for new students of EdUHK. In this workshop, you will learn about how to get started with Zoom in terms of basic set-up and using the correct type of license. You will also have hands-on experience in joining an online class, as well as to create your own online meetings. In this workshop, there will also be guidance on how to make presentations online, as well as sharing on how to become an interactive learner, good practices in web safety and privacy, and lesson etiquette.


Schedule and Enrollment

Date Time Venue
2020-08-19 (Wed)* 14:00-14:45 Online workshop (Zoom)
2020-08-20 (Thu) 14:00-14:45
2020-08-21 (Fri) 12:30-13:15
2020-08-24 (Mon)* 15:30-16:15
2020-08-25 (Tue) 16:00-16:45
2020-08-26 (Wed)* 15:30-16:15
2020-08-27 (Thu) 15:30-16:15
2020-08-28 (Fri) 16:00-16:45
2020-08-31 (Mon) 15:30-16:15
2020-08-31 (Mon) 16:00-16:45
2020-09-1 (Tue) 16:30-17:15
2020-09-3 (Thu) 15:30-16:15


To enrol, please visit

*Please note that there some sessions will be delivered in English; others, Cantonese.




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