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With the key objectives of nurturing engaged and reflective learners, ePortfolio has been implemented to offer a platform for students to document, manage and reflect upon their own learning during their study at EdUHK since 2012. Students are required to create ePortfolios to document and reflect on their formal and non-formal learning experiences in General Education, Language Enhancement, Co-curricular and Service Learning Activities and Overseas Exchange Opportunities. Students who are enrolled in teacher education programmes would also use ePortfolios to document and reflect their teaching practices for their Field Experience. Building the ePortfolio provides students with opportunities to consolidate and internalize the knowledge and skills acquired in various learning activities across their University learning journey.

Students are encouraged to refer to the Generic Intended Learning Outcomes (GILOs) to organize, reflect on and consolidate their learning experiences and achievements when they build their ePortfolios. In order to facilitate students’ understanding and application of these learning outcomes, our Centre has been administrating the self-assessment questionnaires of GILOs to help students keep track of their learning progress for writing their reflections in ePortfolios. We also provide a set of rubrics, compile selected examples of learning evidence that are collected from students’ works, including ePortfolios, to demonstrate student GILOs accomplishment. To learn more about these resources, please refer to here.

Students admitted before 2016/17 will continue to build their own ePortfolio using Mahara (, while starting from 2017/18, LTTC will offer briefing sessions for Year 1 students through CLE1210/1208, ENG1376, and GEFC to demonstrate the use of Sway ( & Google Sites ( Regardless of the platform adopted, students are required to reflect on their learning and GILOs development. The following two videos provide further guidance on these aspects.

How to do reflective writing?


We have created the resources below and hope that this page can facilitate students in creating their ePortfolio pages. You are able to find samples, guidelines and even self-learning materials here, which help you to manage the pages on your own. If you have any questions about ePortfolio, you are welcome to contact us anytime.


Resources of Mahara

Resources of Sway

Resources of Google Sites

Please use Chrome browser to login to Google Sites.

For EEP Student

Sample of EEP:

User guide for EEP:

Briefing for EEP student:

Walkthrough Video (4 min)

For ELE Student

Sample of Google Site :
(Please use your “” Google account to login)

Google Sites Help Centre:

Walkthrough Video (7 min)

For GEFC Student

Sway Sample:
User guide :

Google Sites Sample:
(Please use your “” Google account to login)
User guide :
(Please use your “” Google account to login)

For FE Student

Sample of FE:

Sample of BEd(VA):

For FE BEd-ECE (Part-Time)

English Sample:

Chinese Sample:

For GAO / SAO Student

Career Development Internship Programme (CDIP)

交換生計劃 – 東北師範大學



International Exchange



Leadership Enhancement And Development


Suggestions on building ePortfolio (Student)

Student ePortfolio examples from various common core courses

ePortfolio is implemented to offer students a platform to document, manage and reflect upon their own learning at EdUHK. Students are required to create ePortfolios to document and reflect on their formal and informal learning experiences. Apart from describing their learning experience, students should reflect on their learning experience with reference to the GILO Rubrics and use the rubrics as a direction for writing their reflection. Below are some student ePortfolio examples collected from different common core courses:

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