IT ePortfolio Checking

Information Technology Competency in Education (ITCE)

With the rapid development in emerging technologies, students are expected to be equipped with the required level of Information Technology Competency in Education (ITCE). Respecting this, students admitted in different cohorts have to pass the IT ePortfolio Checking before graduate. The graduation requirements on the ITCE for different admission cohorts are as follows:

Admission in the academic years 2014/15 and thereafter

a.  For non-BEd undergraduate programmes-
  • Pass the IT ePortfolio Checking to graduate;
b.  For education programmes-
  • Pass all the required courses in the programme to demonstrate the attainment of ITCE; and
  • Pass the IT ePortfolio Checking to graduate;


Frameworks and Admission

ITCE Framework

Admission in 2014/15 and thereafter


Please go to the MIT website ( to explore the ITCE framework and requirement.


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