Seminar of Communities of Practice (CoPs) Projects (October 2013)

The Communities of Practice (CoPs) funded by UGC was established in 2013 and the purposes of this activity are to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and to share good practices. Three communities including Field Experience Supervision, Mobile Learning and e-Health were established as below. All academic and teaching staff are cordially invited to join the seminar to learn about these communities. The details are as follows:

Topics Speakers
Building a Mobile Learning Community:
Using Mobile Technologies to Facilitate the Learning
and Teaching of EMI Courses at HKIEd
Dr. Ma Qing &
Dr. Wang Lixun (FHM)
Cultivating a Communities of Practice of
Field Experience Supervision in Teacher Education
Dr. Cheng Chi Keung, Eric (FEHD)
E-health Promotion @HKIEd in Preparation Dr. Ma Wai Wing, Ada (FLASS)

Seminar materials are now available at the following link:



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