A Good Practice of Blended Learning in Teaching Chinese

Blended learning is becoming more popular in higher education. It combines traditional face-to-face classroom learning with online teaching (asynchronous and/or synchronous) between tutors and students, and/or among students in a course.

Dr. Tam Chi Ming, from the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, has adopted the blended learning approach in his teaching of “Certificate of Early Childhood Education (Chinese)”. He thinks that using this approach can encourage students to extend learning beyond the classroom. Learning is no longer limited by classroom time; the tutor and students can exchange ideas, and carry on the discussion on the online learning platform – Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). The students also seem to agree “Moodle LMS is convenient for submitting assignments and helped me engage in discussion” said one student.

To find out more about Blended Learning in HKIEd, please check out the video below and see how Dr. Tam adopts the blended approach in his teaching.

Presentation Video

Click here to watch the video


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