Ongoing Professional Development Programme: Sharing Seminar

In this sharing, Dr. Cheung will talk about the ideas used in the design of the Mathematics General Education course: GED 1002 – Mathematics and Society. Various games, learning and teaching activities used in the course will be explored. He will also discuss on the good practices and assessment designs to engage students in the learning of the course. Finally, he will share on how to encourage our students to make good use of learning resource inside and outside the HKIEd.

The learners learn well only when they are active in the learning process. Engaging learners in various meaningful learning experiences is essential to facilitate students to construct their knowledge from known to unknown. The components of meaningful learning experience consisted of engagement, authentic and relevance. In this seminar, Ms. Shek will share her personal practical knowledge in using the experiential learning cycle to develop learners’ critical and reflective thinking skills that connect learners’ experience to the desirable learning outcomes. Different learning activities as exemplars will be displayed to illustrate how an active learner be formed in the classroom context.

Topics Speakers
How to engage students in a Mathematics General Education Class Dr. Cheung Ka Luen
Formation of Active Learner: From Meaningful Learning Experience to Learning Outcomes Ms. Mabel Shek

Presentation materials and videos of the Ongoning Professional Development Programme.

Photos of the sharing seminar of Ongoing Professional Development Programme on 9 Dec 2013




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