Learning and Teaching @HKIEd 2014

Abstract: In addressing the recommendations from the QAC Report, the School Partnership and Field Experience Office has taken on the major task of revising the Field Experience (FE) framework, such that it uses the Outcome-Based Learning approach and reflects the latest teacher competence standards and learning outcomes of our BEd Programmes. This new FE framework was approved by SGUCC for piloting in 2012/13 and 2013/14, prior to its actual implementation in 2014/15. This new FE framework is based on authentic assessments of the actual professional practice of the student teachers in their practicing school, incorporating multiple measures, and focusing on judging their impact on their students’ learning with a consideration of the specific school and learning context instead of teaching performance solely. Moreover, with the increasing focus on the outcomes of how student teachers prepare for their professional teaching and growth, e-Portfolios platforms are proposed in order to capture evidence in multiple formats and from multiple sources. Based on the rationale of the review, 10 FE Intended Learning Outcomes were developed and guided the follow-up changes to student learning objectives in FE as well as the FE assessment forms. This seminar aims to introduce the above-mentioned new FE framework and focus on how to enable student teachers to provide evidence of their consolidated professional practice and reflection on their teaching practice, including theory-building during their progressive study in FE.

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Evidence-based learning experiences in FE Dr. Christina Yu



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