Learning and Teaching @HKIEd 2014

Abstract: The fair assessment of teaching is an area fraught with complexity and controversy, and yet the fair assessment of student-teaching is essential to the QA of our FE courses. This seminar will present the thorny challenges in arriving at a fair assessment of student-teachers within our programmes at HKIEd, and it will introduce an integrated approach to the standardization of supervision assessment that has been implemented in the BEd(EL) programme to address these challenges.

The seminar will focus primarily on the IT platform solution which is the joint creation of LTTC and ELE department colleagues. This video-based community platform has been successful in enabling FE supervisors to view, assess, and share feedback on common lessons. Brief demonstrations will be included in the seminar. Other standardization of assessment practices that will be shared include the approach to the data-sharing of FE assessment results; the consensus-building process during which supervisors learn the rationales behind colleagues’ grading practices; and the development of guidelines for grading that have evolved from the ongoing consensus-building approach to the FE standardization process.

Recommendations for Institute-wide practices of FE standardization of assessment will be offered that take into consideration the new FE structure and assessment that will be launched in 2014-15.

Topics Speakers
The standardization of FE supervision: problems and solutions in the assessment of student-teachers Dr Timothy Taylor, Senior Teaching Fellow of ELE



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