Hands-on workshop on Community of Practice (CoP): Using Classroom Observation Protocols for Research & FE Supervision

Classroom observation is not only a naturalistic method to observe teaching behaviors, but also a crucial component of field supervision in HKIEd. In this workshop, Dr James Ko, from the Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL), will introduce you two instruments he is using for his RGC-funded ECS project, Examining relationships between teacher effectiveness, learning processes and goal orientation in Hong Kong classrooms:  Lesson Observation Protocol High-Inference I Dynamic Theory (55 items) (Creemers & Kyriakides, 2008) and Lesson Observation Form for Evaluating the Quality of Teaching (QoT) (van de Grift et al., 2007; van de Grift & van der Wal, 2011) (24 items). QoT was co-developed by the Inspectorates of England and the Netherlands for cross-country study of classroom observation with strong validity in several European countries, while Dynamic theory instruments were the first set of theory-driven instrument on classroom observation that has obtained validity evidence in EU countries as well. The findings of their ecological validity and theory relevance may provide insights to FE supervisions.

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Using Classroom Observation Protocols for Research and FE Supervision Dr. KO Yue On, James (EPL)



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