A Cross-platform Instant Response System to engage Science Classroom Participation

Professor CHANG Chun-Yen’s research team has developed CloudClassRoom (CCR), a web-based instant response system, with the aim to help teachers in the orchestration of small-group argumentation activities. CCR has two main functions: (1) to enable every student in the classroom to respond to the teacher’s questions instantly and anonymously by using a handheld device; and (2) to automatically form small groups based on student real-time responses. They have integrated CCR into a small-group socio-scientific argumentation activity, and initially explored the possible impacts of different automatic group-formation methods on Taiwanese college students’ learning outcomes. In this presentation, Professor Chang would like to do a live demo to the participants in terms of ways to engage classroom participation.

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A cross-platform instant response system to engage science classroom participation Professor CHANG Chun-Yen


To facilitate the live demo, all participants are invited to bring your own internet accessible devices such as laptop, smartphone or tablet to the seminar.

Please contact Miss Nikita Cheung (2948 6597/lttc@ied.edu.hk)


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