An online service for students to check the similarities in submitted assignments. It is integrated with the University’s e-Learning platform, Moodle. All submitted assignments are compared for matching to sources in the Turnitin repository and Originality Reports are then generated automatically. An Originality Report summarizes the results of an originality check and highlights matching text. The original text, format, imagery and layout of the submitted assignment remain unchanged in the report. The report displays a Similarity Index, which shows the total percentage of content of the submitted assignment that matches with the sources in the Turnitin repository. The matching sources are presented in a user-friendly format, such as indicating the extent of matching text found by colours.

Procedure of using Turnitin for Students

For similarity check, students must submit their assignments via a Turnitin assignment link created by the course instructor in the Moodle course. Once the assignments are submitted, Originality Reports are generated for the students’ reference, provided that their course instructors have granted them the right to view the reports.


We also provide you solutions to common enquiries about using Turnitin at EdUHK at the FAQs section.

What is Turnitin Assignment?

  • An online system integrated with the Institute’s e-learning platform Moodle.
  • Provides similarity checking on students’ assignments.
  • The assignment submitted by each student is visible to teachers only.

Why Turnitin Assignment?

  • Easy for teachers and students to identify the percentage of similarity of submitted assignments.
  • Allows teachers to provide feedback towards students’ assignments.