GenAI and LLMs Innovations in Education

GenAI and LLMs Innovations in Education

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calendar_today Date: 9 April 2024 (Tuesday)
schedule Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
location_on Venue: Online via Zoom
record_voice_over Speaker: Professor Stephen J.H. YANG
Vice President for R&D,
Chair Professor, Computer Science & Information Engineering,
National Central University, Taiwan
class Moderator: Dr. CHENG Kwok Shing Gary
Executive Co-Director, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology,
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics & Information Technology,
The Education University of Hong Kong
person Target: For staff and postgraduate students
language Language: English
Participation in this seminar can be counted towards the Certificate Course “Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education” under the theme, “Seminars/Workshops in Learning and Teaching”.


This talk explores the transformative impact of Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) in education, highlighting both the vast opportunities and the significant challenges that accompany their integration. As GenAI and LLMs continue to evolve, they offer unprecedented potential to personalize learning, democratize access to education, and foster innovative teaching methodologies. This talk will explain how these technologies can tailor educational content to meet diverse learning needs, enable interactive and immersive learning experiences, and facilitate the development of critical thinking and creativity. However, alongside these benefits, the deployment of GenAI and LLMs in education raises concerns regarding ethical considerations, data privacy, and the potential widening of the digital divide. We will discuss strategies to mitigate these challenges, emphasizing the importance of equitable access, robust ethical frameworks, and the development of digital literacy skills. Join us as we navigate the future of education in the age of artificial intelligence.


Professor Stephen J.H. YANG

Vice President for R&D,
Chair Professor, Computer Science & Information Engineering,
National Central University, Taiwan

Professor Stephen J.H. Yang graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Ph.D. in computer science. He is the Vice President for R&D and Chair Professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Central University, Taiwan. Professor Yang was the first Director of the Department of Information and Technology Education, Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Professor Yang won the Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Research Award twice in 2010 and 2017. His research areas include GenAI and LLMs, learning analytics, human-centered AI, sustainable education.

Professor Yang is a top computer scientist and education scholar. Professor Yang ranks in the top 2% (actually in the top 1.2%) of the world based on the “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2022” released by Stanford University. Professor Yang has published more than 80 SSCI and SCI journal papers. Professor Yang’s paper citations is over 12,000 with a 51 h-index in Google Scholar.