Guidelines for Using AI Tools

Guidelines for Using AI Tools

🎥 The Overall Introduction of AI Implementation and the Definition of 6P Pedagogies

📃 Interim Guidelines on Teaching, Learning and Assessment Involving Text, Image, and Audio Generated by Artificial-Intelligence-Enabled Generative Tools

Briefing Session on Updated Guidelines for AI-Enabled Generative Tools and Sharing on ChatGPT Basics & Prompt Engineering

calendar_today Date: 26 October 2023
schedule Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm
location_on Mode: Online through Zoom
record_voice_over Speaker: Dr. Gary CHENG
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics & Information Technology,
Executive Co-Director of Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology,
The Education University of Hong Kong
language Language: English
person Target: All staff


  • Update on the interim guidelines for the use of generative AI tools for teaching, learning and assessment
  • ChatGPT Basics
  • Prompt Engineering