Induction Programme for Part-time Staff

Induction Programme for Part-time Staff

The Education University of Hong Kong is committed to the advancement of learning and teaching, through a diverse offering of academic and research programmes on teacher education and complementary social sciences and humanities disciplines. It places quality learning and teaching at the forefront of its activities. We are committed to nurturing outstanding and caring educators and professionals who contribute constructively to sustainable social and economic development in Hong Kong and beyond.

At its 77th Meeting on 12 October 2022, the Learning and Teaching Quality Committee (LTQC) agreed in principle that all part-time (PT) staff should be strongly encouraged to participate in the Induction Programme except those with strong justification (LTQC 82/2022 refers).  At the 78th LTQC Meeting on 10 November 2022, the revised exemption requirements and reporting procedures were endorsed (LTQCM 8/2022 refers).

The induction programme offers part-time staff who are teaching postgraduate/undergraduate courses with a variety of training on the policies, technical arrangements, and practical details related to teaching at the EdUHK. The ultimate goals of the induction programmes are to assist teaching staff to train students to attain the desirable attributes under the PEER & I framework set by the University (

Upcoming Induction for Part-time Staff

There is no upcoming induction for part-time staff yet.

Induction Programme of Part-time Staff

Total (Part I + Part II): 3 hours (180 mins)
Part-time staff could complete the induction programme within the first semester of his/her teaching.
Part I
Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy
(by LTTC – 75 mins)
• Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)
• Assessment Policy
• Academic Integrity
• Assessment Methods for different learning outcomes
• Quality Teaching in Higher Education
e-Learning and Digital Competency in Higher Education
(by LTTC – 45 mins)
• E-Learning and Digital Competency Strategy
• Hybrid Teaching and Learning
• Practicl Guidelines for Online Learning and Teaching
• Moodle LMS for Teaching and Panopto
• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
• Support from LTTC
Student Academic Background
(by GS / REG(ARAP) – 10 mins)
• Academic Background of Taught Postgraduate/ Undergraduate Students
Student Non-Academic Background
(by SAO – 20 mins)
• Adjustment needs and career development of students
• Support offered by SAO
Part II
Departmental Induction
(by respective departments – 30 mins)
Suggested topics:
• Outcome-based education at departmental/discipline/subject-level: GILOs, PILOs, and CILOs
• Features and backgrounds of students within the department/discipline
• Departmental/discipline/subject-based pedagogies and assessment methods
• Sharing of Good Practices
• Any other topic(s)
Points to Note

All part-time staff are highly encouraged to attend the induction programme, except those with strong justifications, for example:
• former full-time academic/teaching staff of the University within the past three years; or
• involved in the teaching is limited to only part of (and no more than) one lecture during which the Course Instructor also attends the respective lecture as another speaker or as an observer.

Please download the Application for Exemption Form if you need:
materialsApplication for Exemption Form

Past Induction for Part-time Staff