Online Video Resources

Online Video Resources

e-Learning Pedagogy – Open Class Observation and Post-class Discussion

To achieve the CILOs with linkage to PILOs and GILOs, the classes with integration of e-Learning pedagogies were opened up as exemplars to encourage academic and teaching staff to apply effective e-Learning pedagogy practices in learning and teaching. Post-class discussions were arranged as well for experience exchange. The above good practices of e-Learning were recorded on videos and uploaded to an online archive.

Online Learning Packages – Development of Student Generic Learning Outcomes (GILOs)

To facilitate academic and teaching staff’s knowledge and skills in supporting the development of student Generic Learning Outcomes (GILOs), online learning package are produced. There are relevant learning and teaching materials and videos of teachers guiding and motivating students to develop their skills through various teaching strategies.


Approaches to Supervising Postgraduate Students

Local and overseas academics who are well experienced in supervising and mentoring postgraduate students, as well as a postgraduate student of EdUHK were invited to share their experience and exchange their reflections on supervision and mentoring. The interviews were recorded on videos for academic and teaching staff’s reference.

Recording of Sharing Seminars

Every year, different sharing seminars were organized for our staff and students. These seminars include sharing from Teaching Awardees from EdUHK and other local universities, as well as experience sharing on application of grants by supervisors of Teaching Development Grant (TDG) or other grant projects. These seminars were recorded on videos and uploaded to an online archive for sharing.