Apple iOS App Development: Coding with Swift Playgrounds

Apple iOS App Development: Coding with Swift Playgrounds

Apple iOS App Development: Coding with Swift Playgrounds

Apple iOS App Development


The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology is offering the following 3-hour certificated workshops on Apple iOS App Development: Coding with Swift Playgrounds.


In the workshop, students can learn how to code with basic Apple Swift codes in Swift Playgrounds app on iPad and user interface design with SwiftUI framework.  Students can make up executable lines of Swift codes to solve problems, apply logic and solve puzzles.  Students can learn computational skills, such as variables, functions, loops and arrays.  By the end of the workshop, students can apply the coding practice to create interactive games and apps for any teaching topics in creative ways.  Students can get to know the Apple Teacher program, a free professional learning programme certified by Apple that equips educators with Apple technologies skills and helps educators design more engaging lessons.

person Target: All EdUHK students are welcome!
The workshop is intended for beginners, so no coding knowledge is required.
calendar_today Date:

Please choose ONE option of the following dates:

    • Option 1 (FULL):  21 Feb 2023 (Tue)  [Cantonese]
    • Option 2 (FULL):  17 Mar 2023 (Fri)  [English supplemented with Putonghua]
schedule Time: 2:00 – 5:00 pm (3-hour)
location_on Venue: Computers and 3D Printing Room (E-P-12): Apple Regional Training Center (RTC)
personInstructor: LTTC staff
notifications Remark:
  • The workshop is free. We will provide iPad for your use in the workshop.
  • Students complete the workshop who will be awarded a certificate issued by LTTC of EdUHK and Apple.
  • The Experiential Learning and Achievements Transcript (ELAT) under “Careers and Professional Development” will be recorded for the students who complete the 3-hour workshop.

Enquiries related to the workshops can be directed to us through email ( or phone (2948 7047; service hours: 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. on weekdays).