Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Message from the Directors

Welcome to the Centre for Learning, Teaching, and Technology (LTTC) at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). We’re delighted to have you join our vibrant community. As a university-level centre, LTTC is committed to harnessing the full potential of digital competency and emerging technologies, such as AI and the metaverse, in order to raise the standards of learning and teaching practices.

At LTTC, our core mission is to cultivate a facilitating environment that optimizes the learning and teaching outcomes for both students and teachers at EdUHK. We hold a steadfast belief in the transformative power of technology and pedagogical innovations for education, and we are dedicated to fostering academic advancement and excellence in the digital age.

With a strong commitment to preparing our students and teachers for the future, LTTC plays an active role in developing and implementing the University’s Learning and Teaching Plan, as well as the E-Learning and Digital Competency Strategy. Through our regular workshops, we cover a wide range of emerging topics such as virtual learning and teaching strategies, AI literacy, AI-powered assessment, coding and STEM education, among others. These workshops provide students and teachers with the opportunity to enhance their digital competence and excel in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

In our pursuit of establishing extensive networks of innovative educators both locally and globally, LTTC has organized various events and initiatives, such as Learning and Teaching @EdUHK Festival, International Conference on Learning and Teaching 2020 and 2021, and International Conference on Learning and Teaching for Future Readiness 2023. These initiatives can foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional growth among educators worldwide, providing a platform to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another about the best practices of learning and teaching.

We hope you will find our website to be a valuable resource. Once again, we extend our warmest welcome to LTTC, and we look forward to working together to elevate the quality of learning and teaching to new heights.



Professor Guandong XU

Chair Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Director, University Research Facility of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
Director, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology
The Education University of Hong Kong


Executive Co-Director of the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics & Information Technology
The Education University of Hong Kong